Saturday, 10 April 2010

Floundering slightly

I have hesitated, and lost tempo, but, still staggering forward, I have reached page 61.

I suspect I may have to make the baddies badder, and the jeopardy worse, and all that - but for the first draft it may still have to suffice to simply get to the 100 page mark, and not worry too much.

It feels harder to keep the internal critic at bay when you lose the rhythm of writing (this seems to happen if you stop writing to 'think', and wonder if you should go back and tinker/edit a bit).

Especially as scripts are almost all dialogue, I just have to keep them talking. Maybe I should try reading the scenes aloud (?)

Although, I guess, (aha!) I could try writing an action sequence with no dialogue.

Now that seems like a good idea to get through the next few pages...

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