Sunday, 1 January 2017

Writing it down

I can lie awake at night, savouring memories, and creating anecdotes, but have fallen back into the traditional writer's problem, of not actually getting the damned things written down.

I dug out the draft I created a couple of years ago, and enjoyed parts of it, but there is so much more to capture.

I may have to invent a game plan for overcoming the block - like writing at least one anecdote for each period of my life; or 300 words a day; or writing in longhand (notebook); or something I have not thought of yet.

I did do the NaNoWriMo project 6 times, which involved writing 1666 words every day for a month, and managed it, so I have little excuse. That commitment worked.  One year, I even ignored the rule about it being a fiction challenge, and tried to use the same tactic for the autobiography, and somehow it didn't work - well, it was cheating, I guess!

I quite like the conspiracy thriller I wrote in November 2012 - The Columbus Caper - so perhaps I should just go back and edit the fiction, and leave the personal story until I spontaneously feel like pursuing it again.

I gave myself a format to follow, I remember (after reading a bunch of these kind of novels).

Quite the opposite of a new year's resolution.   New Year indecision.

Yeah, yeah, the title changed...

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