Saturday, 31 December 2016

Autógrafo o autobiografía

I can't believe we lost Carrie Fisher and her mother in two days.

In however small a part, I contributed to some scenes with Carrie (as Jabba).

This year, we lost David Bowie (who I worked with on Labyrinth).  Previously we lost Bob Hoskins in 2014 (who I worked with on Roger Rabbit).

And we all lost Jim Henson in 1990.

Although I can still go out and sign autographs, for people who consider that some kind of Olympic torch connection ( I was in the same room as these people), for me it works the other way.

I feel I have to get down my stories before I go.

So I will be concentrating on the autobiography this year, and see if I can complete (at least) the first edition.

Oh, and I plan to improve my Spanish (as a project) which explains the title of the blog entry.

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  1. Happy New Year Bogus. Can I recommended Scrivener for use as you write autobio? As someone who used Word and then had a heck of a time converting to CLEAN ebook format, I wish I'd discover Scrivener much sooner. Looks so much better in colour coding, organising notes etc. And then it coverts straight to ebook format. have a gander anyhow.