Saturday, 12 December 2015

Back to the drawing board...

...sorry, writing pad.

My autobiography stalled about a year ago.  My excuse is that my head has been filled with the history of NoFit State Circus - which forms and informs 30 years of my life.

So it has not been wasted time in terms of research. I should get at least a couple of chapters out of it.

I have spent a year of paid work (Heritage Lottery Funded - the only way to get money from a lottery, as a wage) - gathering up all the material to donate to Glamorgan Archives, to create a website, and contribute to an end-of-year exhibition, which is now open in Cardiff.

You can find the website here.

At the end of the year I will cease to be paid, but I suspect I may carry on updating the website for a while, unless they claw my Admin status away from me!  Self-exploitation (long hours of unpaid work) have been a feature of keeping the circus going this long.

Just got to tidy up the material to hand over to The Glamorgan Archives in January, add 'archivist' to my cv of jobs done, without qualifications - where it will join my honorary 'librarian' title.

What next?  Who knows.