Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Bored now...taking a Facebook sabbatical...

I have enjoyed most of the phases and waves of the Internet so far, from making a website (now very old-fashioned, and in need of renewal) to writing blogs.  Only this blog and the collaborative one (Only Maybe) still seem to get updates from me - but I have decided that Facebook (fun though it is) steals too much time (and energy) right now - so I am going to take a break.
Facebook? We don't need no steenking Facebook!
Every time I get a hankering for exchanging trivia, I will have to spend an equal amount of time working on the autobiography.

“I'm exhausted. I spent all morning putting in a comma and all afternoon taking it out”

We'll see how that resolution goes.

Apart from having a couple of conventions to go to, I will also be helping run an online course through September / October, and just want to focus on those less ephemeral pastimes.

To think!  I only got on FB because of my job as a computer whisperer for the libraries.  I needed to sample the things that customers wanted to use, to see if they worked correctly, etc.   I started off thinking I wouldn't actually be using it myself.  I joined under a pseudonym.

Addictions are tricky things.

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