Friday, 4 October 2013

Write that book!

As may appear obvious from the fact that the last post to this blog happened in March, I have slipped away from that writing pastime almost completely.

Of course, most of us write hundreds of words a day, one way or another, but that doesn't add up to a finished piece. Most of it remains ephemeral chatter, or topical communications.

But the calendar rolled over into October, which makes it countdown time to NaNoWriMo again.

I have taken on this writing marathon "challenge to self" five times now, and each time I have completed the 50,000 words in a month, although I could hardly say I have written five books.

I mostly enjoyed the process, but have never managed to motivate myself to really address the re-write problem.  ("All writing is re-writing").

For the first couple of times I also explored the whole self-publishing route through Lulu, just to end up holding a hard copy of the book - not because I expected anyone to actually read them (they remain the equivalent to children's art stuck on the fridge).

Bobby Campbell made me covers, etc., but it remained a simulation of the necessary processes.

I also discovered the joys of Scrivener, and began work on an autobiography.

But it all stopped again.   Somewhere between the day job, the dog walking and the wine drinking, I can't find the time to get back up to speed.

So I have a month to decide whether to try it again!   Why not join me?   It's quite a laugh.