Friday, 16 November 2012

Neither Up nor Down #Nano Day 15

OK, it's the half-way point, and I have battled on to cross the 25K mark, just.

I don't mind just keeping level, although it is great to get in front, of course.  What I hate is falling behind, which is rather like being in debt, and you start running to stay in the same place.

Anyway, for all the stumbling about, trying to carry on with everyday life at the same time, I have got this far, so figure I deserve a small ripple of applause from myself, not, of course, for the quality of the words, but the sheer quantity.

I have definitely had a few good moments of writing, and like my context, locations and general idea, but it does feel very diffuse right now.  I can't tell if that comes from a lack of ideas, or having too many and not really entrenching any of them.

The 'papers' everyone is after (the MacGuffin) still puzzle me as much as they do the characters, and I can't tell if (as in Hitchcock) it finally doesn't matter - as they are merely a plot device - or whether I will ever find out, or satisfactorily invent, some  contents significant enough to justify the action.

Or perhaps, like The Maltese Falcon, all the imagined gold is long gone, and all that is left is merely a lead weight.

I forgot to mention that some people take it as an opportunity for other forms of creativity, why not?

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