Sunday, 25 November 2012

#NaNo Day 25 - beginning to accelerate

I did a bit of work yesterday, and a bit more today, but am feeling that fatigue and destruction of normal social interaction that comes from wandering around with a story in your head, working and re-working plot and scenes, and miles away.

It's unhealthy in some ways, and needs a writing regime to make it acceptable to others.

At this point the fear is not that I won't get to 50,000 words, or that they will make any sense, or be interesting to others.  More to the point is not wrapping it all up too quickly, nor cliff-hanging all the way.

Suddenly you only have 8000 words to tie up all the loose ends, wrap up the various stories, decide whether to have a happy ending, or a twist in the tale, and so on.

I realise other people are approaching 100K right now, having used the 50K marker simply as a motivator, but creating a full length novel.  That might be easier if you don't have a job, I guess.  Others have fallen by the wayside by now - it happens every year, although I don't know the percentages.  Some are behind, but can still thrash their way to the line.  The metaphor of the marathon run still plays.

I use The Tortoise Tactic.  Which might make a better title than the one I have.  These sort of conspiracy thrillers almost all use the same pattern, a three word title, along the lines of:

  • The
  • famous place or person, or mythical place or person
  • teaser word
e.g. The Atlantis Code, The Mozart Conspiracy, The Gaudi Key, etc.     Ahem, yes The DaVinci Code.

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