Friday, 16 November 2012

#Nano Day 16 - non sequiturs

You do get words of encouragement, both from accredited writers, and from the team.  Here's a halfway message from Chris Baty, the founder of NaNoWrimo.
If I can't keep going in sequence, this is when I start with the non-sequiturs (shooting random scenes that we can maybe make sense of in the edit).  Scenes we'd like to see (Mad magazine) or rather I would like to write.
Of course, the actual editing time comes later, and sometimes I have had to be quite vicious in the cutting and editing...and that's the time for secateurs (you can tell I am struggling when my head just throws out weak puns...
Gotta find some free time today, gotta find some free time, gotta find some free time...


  1. Haha. My first time. I'm only averaging 1000 words. It's a nice challenge. Not sure how to see other stories, though, so I'm glad I saw your blog from Mythical Monkey's house. Good luck. : )

  2. Thanks thingy!

    I did it, and completed (or Won! as they like to say) for four years, after the first year when I heard about it, and was just too cowardly.

    Then I skipped a year, but I am back for more punishment. it really is like running a marathon...

  3. Whether you can see other people's stuff depends on whether they post some or all of it in their Novel Info.

    For instance, mine currently has the template I am working to, and the two opening pieces...
    Golden Apple