Saturday, 3 November 2012

Day Three - cruising speed

It's early evening, and I am only a 200 words off the pace, so cruising along nicely, and with the rest of the evening to pick up the slack.

The plot seems to be emerging slowly, and I have only so far used a few of the characters planned, so there's plenty of room for expansion, still.

It's great fun browsing information about Seville, as I spent two different visits totally charmed by the place, back in 1985-6.

Of course, that was before the Expo exhibition in 1992, so much surface detail will have changed, but the feel of the place won't be much different.  We've all got mobiles, of course, when back then I used to have to arrange to meet people in a certain bar, and the internet and other options have become more crucial than they were (so cybercafes, etc) - but I haven't gone into much detail, yet, so locations do not have to be too specific - not for a rough draft, anyway.

So, if I do a little more, this evening, I will be on course - keeping a nice steady pace.

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