Thursday, 8 November 2012

Day Eight - NaNoWriMo with Scrivener

This year I decided to take up the challenge again, after one year off, just because I wanted to really try to do the whole thing using Scrivener.

So far I have really enjoyed the process of being able to chuck research pics and words into handy folders, to use the cork board to move stuff around, put scenes into chapters, etc.

And I am sure I haven't discovered all the bells and whistles yet, so it becomes something to do when ideas dry up. I may even be falling into the pit of playing with the toys, rather than writing the words, but I think it will pay off as time goes by.

Even if I failed to complete I will have learned something useful, which I can apply to the autobiography, and any other writings I have to do, so it is the same kind of investment as learning to touch-type was.
I am a thousand words off the pace, but I have the whole evening before me, so it is totally possible to do.

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