Saturday, 20 August 2011

It's not as if I have been doing nothing...

I know blogs need regular updates, and this one went inert a couple of months back, but hey, I have several blogs...and was writing offline, etc.

No excuses.

I have started savagely rewriting the other two scratch novels (NaNoWriMo) - Handwaving, and Does Not Compute) that I had in the drawer. They may even end up combined. It seems like a long, slow process.

These two I am approaching like zero drafts (that comes before even a first draft).

The first two - Foolproof, and Infinite Monkeys - got printed more or less as they arrived at my fingertips, but not because I thought they were great...just to complete the whole process of manifesting a book...and to figure out how Lulu works. Here's my Lulu 'shopfront'.

Small World - the old blue tent through a lens
I also set up a Wiki, as the first steps in compiling a history of NoFit State Circus, but it doesn't seem to have reached critical mass (to attract other contributors), so it remains (more-or-less) a brief note of the first steps of research (scanned programmes, pictures, etc) than any serious writing (as yet). At least I made a timeline, so it's a start.

And the autobiography simmers away in my head, but no further work got done on it.

All of these projects have proven useful raw material for beta testing Scrivener for Windows.