Thursday, 30 December 2010

Writing Software for Windows: Scrivener Beta

I have tried a couple of writing software packages, and so far haven't really felt at home with any.

Too much time trying to figure them out, rather than getting on with content. But I don't intend that as a criticism, just an aside:

So I like the idea that Scrivener (so long only available to Mac users) will soon be released in a version for Windows.
ScrivenerIndeed, if you like early-uptake, and don't mind beta-testing (i.e. finding bugs and not complaining about them to the manufacturer - just reporting them as feedback) then you can already download it and get going. Beta Test Download here

As software goes, it has always seemed really cheap (£30-40) and (even better) if you 'won' on NaNoWriMo this year you get a 50% off coupon, too!

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