Friday, 15 October 2010

Serious Literature

After all my recent dabbling in popular conspiracy thrillers I have enjoyed settling down with Zero History by William Gibson... He may not appeal to everyone, but I like the stretch I can feel in the brain cells, as he makes me work to understand...rather than spell it all out.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

Whether or not I will spend November trying to write something a bit more swashbuckling than my previous high-speed novels remains a moot point. As in previous years I have already begun to feel the adrenaline rush anxiety about whether:
  • I can sustain the writing pace in the face of other demands on my time
  • I can stay motivated
  • I can think of anything at all to write...
Two weeks to go... At least I have the bonus of telling myself I have managed to complete the challenge successfully three times already.

My profile at the NaNoWriMo site.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Pottering along

I recently discovered the Blog2Print site, and although it seemed great fun for the family it might involve a little too much expense for my own online writings.

To grab OM (Only Maybe) into PDFs (potentially to turn into hard copies) involved making two books. That covers about 4 years. I like having them as PDFs but doubt I will manifest them.

I suspect that to turn my main diary blog into book format could perhaps involve about 4-5 volumes. The PDFs don't cost too much, but making them into hard copies would cost more than my pride (or vanity) can afford.

  • I have started a timeline, at least, for a history of NoFit State Circus, but it will involve a great deal of time and effort to compile a really good collection of posters, programmes, pictures and anecdotes...I wonder if I should try to set it up as a shareable document, or Wiki or something (initially) so people could add jottings. The shared photo album on Facebook has uncovered some gems.

  • Then there's my own autobiography, which limps along...

  • Will I do my 'thriller' for this year's NaNoWriMo challenge?

        I have compiled a bunch of articles and stuff, which I hope to put on Lulu, but it will cost a bit to do it all in colour...we'll see.

        Currently called 'Scattered Thoughts' although that may mutate to 'Thought Processes'.

        I need some time off, both to think and to write...

        [update Saturday 9th October 2010]
        Well, if I want colour throughout, Lulu wants to charge £18.50 for an A4 edition of Scattered Thoughts. I will make one, as a test, and offer the PDF, but basically that's too expensive. I might try a Black and White edition...